Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. 

Phone: (813) 759-6000 or (813) 659-3000

You can also reach us by completing the form below and someone from the Sparkle Team will get in touch with you shortly.

201 S. County Line Road
Plant City, FL 33566
(813) 759-6000
(813) 659-3000

Directions to New SparkleSkirts Facility (Please note some iPhone Maps and Google directions are not accurate. Please follow the instructions below). Here are photos of the outside of the building to help!

From Orlando

If you're coming west (from Orlando), take exit #25  around and take a right at the light. You'll go through two lights. Once you're past the light at US 92 (crossing over railroad tracks), you'll see two cream-colored buildings with black corners. Turn into the second turning lane.  We are the building on the left in the back left corner.  If you get to the Amazon Fulfillment Center or Phillips Pet Foods, you’ve gone too far.

From Tampa

If you're headed eastbound from Tampa, you'll take exit 25 and turn right off the exit. Go past two lights (S. Frontage and US 92). You’ll cross over railroad tracks and then turn into the second right-hand turn lane. If you get to the Amazon Fulfillment Center, you’ve gone too far. Our building is cream with black corners. We're right before Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, which is set closer to the road than our building. Once you turn off County Line road( You will have two identical buildings. Cream with dark black corners) we are the building on the left in the back left corner. 

From Drane Field Location

From our old office, you'll turn left onto Drane Field Road and then go past the Lakeland Airport until you reach County Line Road. Take a right onto County Line Road. Follow County Line past Amazon's large fulfillment center. We are the cream building with black corners on the left side of the road, past Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. If you cross the railroad tracks at US 92 or see the McDonald’s/I-4 signs, you’ve gone too far.