WarpSpeed SwingStyle-XL Skirt/Lg Shorts

WarpSpeed SwingStyle-XL Skirt/Lg Shorts




Travel at warp speed in this colorful, glow in the dark running skirt. Charge this medium-weight athletic beauty in the light, then switch the lights off and watch the multi-colored swirl fabric glow with stars. Whether you prefer the 12" zippered waistband compartment in the front or back, the choice is yours because this American-made garment is reversible! The built-in standard blue shorts in this Original 1.0 Design have two 6x6" pockets and a patented design that prevents them from riding up. Anti-ride shorts and lots of space for your race day essentials? What more could you want from an athletic skirt?! Finish your glow in the dark running outfit with the coordinating headband.

This particular skirt is an X-Large with Large shorts. 

Availability: Limited stock, Non Returnable.

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle (with other soft items), mild detergent. Line dry away from direct sunlight.