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SaluteBlue SlimCut

SaluteBlue SlimCut
SaluteBlue SlimCut
SaluteBlue SlimCut
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This gorgeous, medium-weight rich navy blue tricot athletic skirt covers anti-ride standard shorts with SparkleSkirts' famous 5X5" leg pockets. The 12" zippered pocket in the waistband can be worn front or back. Jazz up this American-made beauty with one of SparkleSkirts' hand-applied glitter embellishments.

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Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Line dry away from direct sunlight.

Due to the differences in fabric content, density/weight and knit tension of Spandex, the hip and leg measurements and the hem length of skirts and shorts can vary from one print or solid color to the next!  Even different dye lots can create variances!

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