RitzyDonna HikerChic (Long Style) w/ Flower

RitzyDonna HikerChic (Long Style) w/ Flower

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If you prefer a little extra length to your athletic skirt, then HikerChic style is for you! It provides an extra 2 inches in the skirt and an inch in the shorts, which are guaranteed not to ride up, compared to SwingStyle. There's plenty of storage space in two 5x5" side pockets and a 12" zippered waistband compartment that can be worn front or back. This version includes a black FlowerSilhouette Embellishment ($10) on the pink triangle of the skirt. Originally starting at $85, now reduced by $10 per skirt. Discounts already applied to prices below. Non-returnable.

Availability: Sale. Limited stock.

Wear and washing instructions: Please avoid anything from rubbing against the sparkles. To prolong the life of your skirt, turn inside-out in a lingerie bag and machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Line dry away from direct sunlight.

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