PeacockSnow SwingStyle 2.1

PeacockSnow SwingStyle 2.1


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Dazzle them on race day with this lightweight black and white peacock fabric running skirt! The sequins on this 2.1 Design catch the light for an added sparkle. The standard black, anti-ride undershorts have two 6x6" pockets and are reversible, which means you can wear the 12" zippered waistband compartment in the front or back. Pull your look together with the matching headband.

Availability: Open stock. Don't see your size? Check our Original 1.0 and 2.0 Design inventory.

Wear and washing instructions: Please avoid anything from rubbing against the sparkles. To prolong the life of your skirt, turn inside-out in a lingerie bag and machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Line dry away from direct sunlight.