Off-Sized Namaste SlimCut

Off-Sized Namaste SlimCut


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The seams on these skirts are deeper than usual, which means that the skirts run SMALL! But you might be able to save some money if you like this slim style running skirt. Please measure your waist at the navel and consult our sizing chart. If you are at the BOTTOM of your size range, you can stay in your regular size in these skirts.  If you are at the TOP of the size range, jump up a size for ordering. If you are in the MIDDLE of the size range, best not to choose one of these skirts...there will be someone else who can provide a good home. :) Non-returnable. Yes, these "Off-Sized" beauties have the same awesome features:

  • Two 5x5" side pockets

  • 12" zippered waistband pocket

  • Anti-ride compression shorts

  • American-made

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Line dry away from direct sunlight.