Insulin Pump Hole
  • Insulin Pump Hole
  • Insulin Pump Hole
  • Insulin Pump Hole

Insulin Pump Hole


Size Chart
  • Right Side (zipper worn in front)
  • Left Side (zipper worn in front)
  • Right Side (zipper worn in back)
  • Left Side (zipper worn in back)


As an added convenience for diabetic athletes who carry their insulin pump in the shorts, an insulin pump hole can be installed right below the skirt waistband and can be to the left or the right of the zippered pocket in the waistband. SparkleSkirts sewing staff considers the zippered pocket side to be the "front" and the non-zippered side to be the "back". Please choose the "right side" or "left side" based on this information.

Once skirts are altered with music holes your skirt is considered non-returnable to SparkleSkirts for a refund!

"The leg pockets hold the pump securely below the waist, and the position of the pump hole just below the waistband and over the pocket allows for the tubing to be accommodated when using the ladies room. I've never had an issue with my site coming out. I've been able to do this with both longer and shorter tubing lengths," said Jennifer Powell, SparkleSister.

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