Men's Individual Custom



Need help with the order form? Check out our Custom Skirt Definitions and FAQ page. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call Hope, (813) 759-6000, prior to placing your order.

Custom Men's Individual Custom Terms and Conditions

I understand as of Monday, April 11th, 2016 SpareParts/SparkleSkirts will no longer accept any fabrics which contain copyrighted images unless there is an obvious printing on the selvage (white edge) of the fabric which proves that proper licensing has been obtained.

I understand once this order is submitted, any immediate changes will result in the order being canceled and I will have to re-order.

I understand once my fabric arrives and any remaining questions (undershorts fabric choice, etc.) are resolved, my custom order will be transferred to the Sewing Department and therefore no additional changes can be made.

I understand any special requests must be sent immediately via electronic communication to not conveyed via phone conversation.

I understand that if I elect to have print cuffs made from a custom fabric rather than a SparkleSkirts stock fabric, the shorts are NOT guaranteed to be anti-ride. Should the cuffs need to be replaced, I will be responsible for the cuff replacement cost ($15) as well as shipping both ways.

I understand SpareParts/SparkleSkirts does not perform wash tests on the fabric I purchase and therefore is not responsible for any washing/wear issues.