Individual Custom

Individual Custom



Individual Custom SparkleSkirts and SpareParts Shorts

We would love to help you sparkle with a custom running skirt or custom men's athletic shorts! Should you have any questions about the individual custom process please call Annette via phone (813) 759-6000 or email,, prior to placing your order. Any changes needed after the order is placed will result in the order being canceled and re-submitted to ensure accurate record keeping.

  1. Review the Terms & Conditions.
  2. Complete the SparkleSkirts Individual Custom Form referencing the Custom Skirt FAQ as needed.
  3. Type "N/A" for any unknowns on the form.
  4. Once your order has been placed mail the fabric to Annette. Please address the package as follows: Attention Annette/<YOUR FULL NAME>. This will help ensure we match up your fabric with the form.
  5. Please note if you are ordering an Individual Custom with another stock or team skirt, you'll need to place separate orders or your other shipments will be held the 12-20 weeks while your custom is made.