Haunted HikerChic (Long Style) 2.1

Haunted HikerChic (Long Style) 2.1



Get ready for Halloween or the Haunted Mansion with this spooktacular, longer length purple athletic skirt! The HikerChic style is two inches longer in skirt length than SwingStyle and has an inch longer inseam within the standard black shorts. They're anti-ride and reversible, which means you can wear the 12" zippered waistband pocket in the front or back. The shorts also have two 6x6" leg pockets! Complete your look with the matching headband.

Note: The compression of the Haunted fabric may feel a little tighter than other SparkleTechs in your size, but it is a nice, breathable fabric!

Availability: Very limited stock. Will be discontinued soon! Don't see your size? Check our Original 1.0 Design inventory.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle with other soft items using a mild detergent in cold water. Line dry away from direct sunlight.