Fusion HikerChic (Long) 2.0
  • Fusion HikerChic (Long) 2.0
  • Fusion HikerChic (Long) 2.0

Fusion HikerChic (Long) 2.0




This longer-length blue chevron running skirt is perfect for tall runners, everyday wear, or those who prefer a little more coverage. Now available in our 2.0 Design, HikerChic style provides an additional two inches in skirt length (compared to SwingStyle) and an inch in the intense royal blue shorts. The EVS shorts stay in place thanks to the patent-pending leg cuff design, plus they feature two 6x6" pockets. Keep other valuables safe and secure in the 12" zippered waistband compartment of the medium-weight skirt. Bonus points, the skirt is reversible if you prefer the zipper in the back. Grab this staple skirt and the matching headband today!


Availability: Sale. Limited stock. Non-Returnable.

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Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle (with other soft items), mild detergent. Line dry away from direct sunlight.

Please note: "Picking" and pilling are common occurrences with polyester and nylon fabrics. Your garment has been carefully inspected and we recommend extra care on your part to prevent chafing or snagging of this delicate fabric. We are not responsible for snags or chafing of fabric.

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