In time for your summer adventures! This new cycling pad fits inside your SparkleTech skirts, SparkleBottoms, SpareParts shorts (or virtually ANY bottoms you use for cycling). Simply place it inside your shorts with the point forward, tuck the side "wings" down into your shorts legs and settle the double-thickness rounded back under your sit bones...pull your shorts up and you're ready to roll! You can also place the pad into position next to your body, then pull your shorts up. Either way, once you settle the pad where you want it and start biking, it will stay next to your skin! Made from breathable padding and wicking, anti-microbial covering, this pad will keep you cool and comfy, and the added wings help cushion your gracilis muscles and their connective tissue to reduce that "saddle sore" feeling.

Availability: Open stock. Due to the nature of this product, it is non-returnable. This product is made to order so please allow additional days for shipping.

Washing instructions: Machine wash in cold water. Line dry away from direct sunlight.