CrimsonVibes CapriPants 2.1

CrimsonVibes CapriPants 2.1
CrimsonVibes CapriPants 2.1
CrimsonVibes CapriPants 2.1
$60.00 $68.00

These sporty black and red swirl capri pants are perfect for yoga, running, or the gym. They were designed with utility in mind--there are two 6x6" thigh pockets and a 12" zippered waistband that can be worn front or back. Contain your mane with the matching headband, available in thin (non-slip) or wide style.

Originally starting at $68, now $60. Prices below reflect discount. Non-returnable.

Availability: Open stock.

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle (with other soft items), mild detergent. Line dry away from direct sunlight.

Due to the differences in fabric content, density/weight and knit tension of Spandex, the hip and leg measurements and the hem length of skirts and shorts can vary from one print or solid color to the next!  Even different dye lots can create variances!

Please note: "Picking" and pilling are common occurrences with polyester and nylon fabrics. Your garment has been carefully inspected and we recommend extra care on your part to prevent chafing or snagging of this delicate fabric. We are not responsible for snags or chafing of fabric.

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