Completion Crystals

Completion Crystals
Completion Crystals

CompletionCrystal Kit

To accompany your FiftyStates SparkleTech skirt, order this fun kit that includes 50 sparkling crystals, a bottle of permanent glue and the tools to help you affix a crystal onto every state in which you complete a race!  Order more kits if you want to also include the back of your skirt.  

As you complete a race in each state, glue a crystal onto that state's icon on your skirt!

Shake the glue bottle with the tip down, then remove the lid and test the pressure needed before applying glue to your skirt. Once you are ready, squeeze a small amount onto skirt (about the size of the crystal).

Moisten one end of the enclosed wooden tool to pick up your crystal with the glass side up and gently press the flat side into the glue. Allow one hour of drying time.

Wash your skirt inside out in a lingerie bag to protect crystals, hang to dry.

Use on these Sparkle Products*

Note: We recommend washing your skirt inside a lingerie bag to help protect the crystals and your skirt is not returnable once any crystals have been affixed.  Please keep kit away from small children.


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