The New Complete Guide to Fitting your SparkleTech® Skirt

The New Complete Guide to Fitting your SparkleTech® skirt:

This includes 1.0 and 2.1 styles and encompasses all SparkleTech® styles and TechniKilts.

For optimum fit (for both look and feel), follow the sizing chart below: 

Please be aware that there are normal discrepancies that can affect how your skirt will fit, including the weight and stretch capacity of the fabric. Generally, fabrics that are heavier and fabrics with less Spandex content do not stretch as well as lighter-weight and higher Spandex fabrics.  Fabrics with foil can often have less stretch as well.  Even within fabrics that feel the same or that have the same Spandex content, there can be differences!  These differences can arise from the knitting machines used and the dye baths the fabrics have to endure.

The same can be true of elastic!  As it comes off the loom, there can be slight variations in the stretch, which can affect how your waistband feels. 

Every body shape is different.  Although we try to accommodate as many shapes as possible, there may always be needs beyond what we can offer in our stock skirts.  That’s where Individual Custom skirts can help.  For example; you may find that you prefer a certain size of undershorts, but the outer shell of the skirt does not hang right.  The answer could be the SparkleHybrid skirt!  Choose your comfort in the undershorts, then order your skirt with “one size up” on the outer shell.  You can also request either the smaller-sized elastic installed into the waistband or a drawstring…perfect for those with a waist size that is smaller than the normal hip-to-waist ratio.  If you are at the very top of a size range (as shown on our sizing chart) we recommend that you try on several different styles of stock SparkleTech® skirts before you order a custom skirt, especially with all these variations that are difficult (and often impossible) to control.

There are several alterations that can be requested when you order an Individual Custom skirt, so be sure to email us with your questions!  We are here to help!