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SparkleSkirts® Undershorts Fabrics Explained

There are five different wicking tricot fabrics that we use for undershorts!

STANDARD fabric (used most often) is called FM65. It is comfortably supportive yet forgiving.

COMPRESSION undershorts are exactly that…a bit more snug. Perfect for long training sessions and important races to help protect your muscles.

EVS means that the undershorts have Extra Vertical Stretch. This tricot was derived from the wetsuit industry, so the fabric responds to your demands. It will “seek” the narrowest parts of your body, but with a bit of “placing” the undershorts where you want them, the fabric will stick to your body, especially with heat and moisture. (This fabric is popular among “gym rats” for the fact that the undershorts will stay down because of the Extra Vertical Stretch…perfect for those bicycle ab crunches!)

DITZYDOT fabric is slightly more relaxed than standard, but it loves to “stick and wick”. Perfect for hot-climate running.

FAIRYTALES fabric is the most relaxed tricot. Soft and forgiving, it is perfect for hot weather and theme park treks.

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