Sizing and Care


To get the best possible fit measure your waist at the navel (belly button) and use the chart below to determine your size. If you are at the top measurement of a size category, you will size DOWN to the smaller size. For example, if your waist measurement is 34 3/4 inches, you would want to stay in the Medium as opposed to going up to the Large.


SparkleTech skirts feature built-in wicking shorts that are guaranteed not to ride up as long as you select the correct size. The undershorts are meant to feel snug to support your muscles and help prevent chafing. If you have questions about what size to choose, please measure your waist (at the navel) and contact us directly, (863) 701-4613.

The shorts have a 5" (high) X 5" (wide) pocket on each leg and the elastic waistband has a 12" zippered pocket. This skirt is designed to be reversible, allowing the zippered pocket to be worn front or back. 

SwingStyle is cut as a semi-circle, allowing more room and a "swingy" flow to the fabric. For those who want a longer skirt, the HikerChic series accommodates beautifully! This skirt is 2" longer than SwingStyle, and the shorts are 1" longer. If you prefer a more "athletic" style running skirt, the SlimCut bell-shaped beauty is ideal, but you may need to size UP for a more comfortable fit given the straight style.

This sizing chart is for SparkleTech skirts. Add 2 inches in length and 1 inch to inseam for HikerChic style.

SparkleBottoms and MuddBusters


SparkleLights are light weight cover-up skirts perfect to wear over SparkleBottoms or MuddBusters as well as running or dance tights, biking shorts, or leggings.

** 2X-Large is special order and requires a few additional days to ship.

Unfortunately SparkleLights are not available in 3X-Large due to fabric width constraints. Please try our SparkleTech skirts instead.

SparkleSplash (Swimsuit Coverups)

Please measure your waist about two to three inches below your navel. Length of skirt starts at 12" from top of waistband to hem on XS to 13" on plus sizes.

XS = 23-28"
S = 29-33"
M = 32-36"
L = 37-41"
XL = 42-48"
2XL = 49-56"
3XL = 54-60"

SparkleSkirts TwinkleSkirts

Princess Sleeves

SparkleSkirts Care Instructions


All SparkleLight skirts must be hand washed in cold water and line dried away from direct sunlight.


Most Spandex-containing skirts can be machine washed in COLD water, gentle cycle, but some take specific care, like the use of a lingerie bag or Color Catcher. (If recommended we will provide your first Color Catcher.) Fabric softeners should never be used, as they can disrupt the fabric's wicking ability. 

Please be aware all Spandex hates chlorine! Avoid bleach! If your city’s water contains chlorine, use Woolite or any detergent that advertises color protection. Spandex is basically “swimwear”, and can be subject to fading! Always line dry away from direct sunlight.

Specific washing instructions are listed on each page of this website and accompany each skirt ordered.  Please read and follow instructions. We perform wash tests on all fabrics! Although fabrics may pass our rigorous tests, differences in detergents, water pH and chlorine content CAN affect washing results. Because of that, SparkleSkirts cannot be responsible for laundering mishaps, fading or bleeding.