Meet the SparkleSkirts Sewing Team

Did you know SparkleSkirts® require more than 17 pieces? Our Plant City-based sewing team handles all tasks from cutting fabric to inspecting the final sewn product before it goes to the official Inspection Department. Get to know the folks who put together the best American-made athletic apparel! 

Barma Reddy
Sewing Department Lead

Barma joined SparkleSkirts in October of 2016. She cuts out custom running skirts and sometimes jumps over to a sewing machine. 

Barma, who is from South Africa, has three daughters and four grandchildren who live in South Africa. She loves flea market flipping and up-cycling in America. Her favorite thing to do away from SSHQ is to visit home and her grandchildren, whom she misses very much.

Darci Alicea
Cutter/Sample Maker


Darci joined the SparkleSkirts team in July of 2017. She is responsible for cutting custom skirts and making new sample skirts and products.

When she's not at SSHQ, Darci designs and sews high fashion for special events. She also enjoys going to the beach and has a keen interest in exotic animals.



Graciela Covelli

Graciela joined SparkleSkirts in November of 2016. As part of SSHQ's internal sewing team, Graciela is responsible for completing Team and Individual Customs as well as stock skirt fill-ins when needed.

During her free time, she enjoys going for walks, knitting, cooking, and getting her family together. 



Maria Isabel Lemus

Isabel joined SparkleSkirts in July 2016 and is responsible for sewing the shorts parts for the individual customs and small teams. When she's not at work Isabel enjoys reading, dancing, and sewing.

SparkleSkirts Seamstress CristinaCristina Riddle

Depending on the day and what may be needed, Cristina might be cutting fabrics for upcoming orders or sewing skirts for individual and team customs.

When she's not at SSHQ, she spends time with her son and tries to find time for reading and enjoying the outdoors. 


Migdalia Rivero

Migdalia joined the SparkleSkirts in-house sewing team on July 10th, 2017. She helps produce all those beautiful custom skirts as well as stock fill-ins when needed. 

During her free time, Migdalia enjoys exercising and spending time with her family.


Alba Rocio Sanchez

Alba joined the SparkleFamily in July of 2016. She works on our custom skirts--both for teams and individuals. 

When she's not busy sewing those beautiful running skirts, Alba enjoys visiting her family and friends in her home country of Columbia.


Loyce Van Riper-Sturdevant
Table Hand/Sorter

Loyce joined SparkleSkirts in January 2017. She is responsible for "ensuring all your beautiful custom skirts are just what you dreamed."

She has seven beautiful grandchildren. She has made all of her girls' wedding dresses and is starting to make her granddaughter's formal wear! When she's not at SSHQ, Loyce enjoys reading, making quilts, and spending time with her fur babies.

DeJohnea Thrope

DeJohnea joined the SparkleSkirts team on June 15th, 2017 as a production seamstress. 

In 2016, she earned her Fine Arts bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. Her hobbies include women's fashion and accessories design and CAD Design.

Terri Wimberly

Terri joined the SparkleSkirts sewing team on May 1st, 2017. She is responsible for the first step of the sewing process. She sews the sides and bottom of the skirt, hems skirts, and attaches shorts. 

When she's not at SSHQ, Terri enjoys fishing and canning vegetables. She has one adult daughter, three adult grandkids, and three gorgeous great-grandkids.