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When we say SparkleSkirts are The Ultimate Athletic Skirt, we mean it! These fun and colorful, American made running skirts and running shorts are sure to become the best running skirt you've purchased. But don't take our word for it, read the Women's Running review or hear our customers have to say by watching the video below!

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Women's Running
Skirts That Cover Without Chafing
July 2016

Excerpt: SparkleSkirts SwingStyle SaluteBlue, $65, McGhee loves the mid-thigh length of this skirt and shorts “to showcase legs but not the fat areas. The skirt is also flirty, sassy, and I love the swing.” The shorts do not ride up and have good compression, which is good because the skirt can swing high enough to show the shorts while running. The fabric is lightweight, and there are three(!) pockets—two are 5-by-5 inches deep—to carry whatever you need. Click to read the full article.


Geraldine Farrar
May 28, 2017
via Facebook

I love pockets! My skirt has three - I am able to carry everything I need with me when I run. Super comfortable, and stays in place while running. These are great!

Denise Laudenberger
May 19, 2017
via Facebook

Just received my very 1st SparkleSkirt - the gray Hogwarts Running Club in HikerChic. LOVE IT! No wonder people say they are addictive! The quality is excellent, as is the service! I love the pattern, and the pockets everywhere - including the zippered pocket - are awesome. For fit, I went by the chart on the website and the fit is PERFECT. The length on Hiker Chic is exactly what I hoped it would be, and I wore my new Sparkle Skirt with a cute top for casual Friday with no judgment! Shipping was speedy and I really appreciated the bonus lip balm and the sweet note that was included, thanking me for my purchase - what a great personal touch! My only regret is that I missed out on the cute Cherry print I saw last year, but who would've known I'd love a Sparkle Skirt so much? THANK YOU!

Jen Chislaghi
April 28, 2017
via Facebook

I ordered SparkleSkirts for the first time last year when I wanted to get a great skirt/short combo for my races. Started off with the Hiker style in both Andromeda and Freedom Hiker. I moved on to the SwingStyle in time for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. I needed to order new smaller sizes in those skirts, so now I am up to 6 skirts in SwingStyle - TickledPink, PrimRose, BlackSatin, Andromeda, Freedom, and WomanOfSteel. I will not be buying any other skirt for my races. These provide me movement, comfort, and the shorts do not move at all on me. No chafing, no ride ups, no having to adjust them during races. No more red, nasty chafing marks on my thighs. Best thing out there for me.

Lindsay Nichols
April 18, 2017
via Facebook

I've always loved the idea of running in a skirt, but when your thighs create friction so high it looks like you've scalded yourself, it looks like it will never happen...

Enter SparkleSkirts - with all their magical lengths & shapes & sizes & colours! No matter what you want, these ladies can make your girly running dreams come true!
Comfy, adorable & perfect with no chub rub between your legs. No picking of weird wedgies. Many pockets for the stashing of tech & treats! What more could a girl ask for?!?

I just wish I had more money because I could buy more skirts & live & love & run in them forever!

Lulu Anderson
April 15, 2017
via Google

Love my sparkle skirt...Starry Night Print!! The people were so friendly, helpful and I will be going back and buy another one. My skirt is extremely comfortable, practical swirly and very pretty!! I really like the pockets....I can carry my phone, doggie bags and money. I definitely say buy one you will love it!!

Lori McComas Arnold
April 10, 2017
via Facebook

I ordered the Route 66 skirt for the Kalhaven Ultra in Michigan over the weekend. This skirt was PERFECT! Huge pockets and most importantly, the shorts stayed in place for 33.5 miles! I got a ton of compliments on how cute it was. I will be wearing it again for the St. Jude Country Music Marathon in a few weeks, I will spread SPARKLE along the way!!!

Candice L. Caesar
March 14, 2017
via Facebook

I usually wear Athleta skirts. They are very basic, but the shorts underneath crawl up my leg and cause chafing. After trying and running in the SparkleSkirt I have found that it doesn't move when running which means there is NO chafing. Plus the shorts under the skirt have pockets and the skirt has a pocket on it. The designs are so pretty. There is a design to fit your personality. I love the fit of my SwingStyle skirt.

Caryn Vita
March 11, 2017
via Facebook
I love SparkleSkirts!!! The are super comfortable to run in and the pockets are AMAZING!!! My phone, keys, nutrition, whatever fits in them and stays put!! Nothing has ever bounced out and I stuff them for long runs! Not only is the product amazing, your skirt will arrive hand packed with an inspirational handwritten note about your skirt or your upcoming race! Usually with a little gift too, like a pack of Woolite to wash your skirt in or a hair band, chapstick etc. I can not say enough about these skirts and this company!!! Love, love, love everything about SparkleSkirts!!


Zulikha Neumann
February 14, 2017
via Google
Love these skirts! I own 4 now and wear them just around town on days when I want something flirty and fun, but also versatile and comfortable. Great while riding my bike, running a marathon or just shopping. I, honestly, didn't see how it wouldn't ride up on a thick-thighs girl like myself, but these stay put. Love, love, love them!


Jane Pitchford
February 14, 2017

via Facebook

I first wore my SparkleSkirt during a half marathon (big no no to try new gear on race day) and it was a fantastic decision. I LOVE my skirt. I'll be wearing it for all of my long runs from now on. It fit fabulously and didn't ride up on my thighs (that's a big deal). It was great to have a place to put my phone and other gear. I now know what will be on my wish list for various holidays. Best part, they're made in the USA!


Jenna Powers
January 22, 2017

via Facebook

I'll admit that I was skeptical. I have two other brands' running skirts, which I like, but with what I perceived to be a lot of stitching in the undershorts with the SparkleSkirt, I was worried about chafing, especially at ultra-marathon distances. After one, 13-mile try-out, I wore my skirt in the Dubai Marathon where temps reached well into the 70s. Not only was it totally comfortable (no chafing!) and held all my race fuel and phone, I got a ton of compliments during the race from runners, volunteers, and spectators! And, when I posted my official photo online, literally 50% of comments were about the skirt and not about my finish! I am a true believer!


Jennifer Lightsey
January 16, 2017

via Facebook

I think I have a new running husband bought me a Sparkle Skirt at the Chevron Marathon Expo. I know, I know, I know you never wear new gear in a race but I could not help myself. The skirt was awesome! I was so happy to not have to wear my phone belt, as it fit perfectly in the front zipped pocket. The side pockets in the shorts are deep and easy to get to - I kept my Swedish fish, chapstick and post-race Advil in these pockets and had tons of room left over. The skirt fit great, stayed put and was super comfy. And the print is sooooo cute!


The Story of my Sparkle Skirt: From my Phone to Your Eyes. A Narrative
by Danielle S. Delfanian.
January 12, 2017

via Facebook

My Hogwarts Running Club Sparkle Skirt came today. I have been super duper skeptical about the skirt though. I am the girl who coupons like crazy, avoids paying for shipping, and saves anywhere I can.

I was concerned about the price in my head (but seriously squeed over the amazing print!). I read reviews, and went "Hey, okay. Let's try to be a Sparkle Skirt girl." Plus I knew if I didn't buy it while I was awake, I'd end up buying it at 3 am at some point and forget I ordered it. I looked at all the sizes and styles. I know in my heart of hearts I will likely wear it more for everyday wear than running, so I settled on the hiker chic 2.0 style because of the length. I'm 5'4", hippy, and larger in the thighs. I went by the sizing chart, and it put me in a medium. I ordered and even told my husband about it. The crazy me would get the package in the mail and hide it in the car and bring it inside later. The sensible me wanted to be too legit to quit - especially with a $75 skirt. I made the case - funding in place, a trip to Universal coming up, and I need something with pockets to go with all of my cool Harry Potter shirts. Oh yeah - and I can wear it when I run too.

So it arrived. First glance, flat rate USPS box. Nothing special. But inside. Oh but inside. There was a lovely handwritten card wishing me luck on my next race and the skirt was carefully wrapped in tissue paper. Mad props to the Sparkle peeps. That is real love right there.

I immediately put it on, and was like eh, okay, a skirt. An hour later I was hopping, skipping and jumping. Oh mylanta it's fantabulous. Ya know the leggings everyone wants you to feel? Yeah. This is better. The pockets are incredible and the shorts haven't moved an inch! Like for realz - not an inch!!! And it feels incredibly well made! I hate pants and this is the next best thing to wandering around without pants.

So if you're on the fence, this is my review. I love my Sparkle Skirt. She has been welcomed into the family with open arms and is being smothered and snuggled like a new puppy. Now she wants a sister. Ugh. Skirts these days...

The end.

Melissa Kegelman Carignan
Monday, November 28, 2016
Via Facebook

So I did what they always tell you not to do on a race day...try something new...but I was at the expo at Space Coast and had to try one of these skirts on that so many of my friends rave about!!! Of course, I put it on and was in love with it instantly, but was still worried how it would feel when running....well I'm in LOVE!!!! OMG the best shorts/skirt I've ever worn..the pockets are amazing and I had my Galaxy 7 phone in one of the front pockets and never felt it!!!! No weird chafing and no riding up on the shorts (which is amazing and so hard to find in shorts!!) You now have a loyal customer; take all my money (shhh just don't tell my hubby LOL!!!)

Christine Gallowitz Errico
October 31, 2016
Via Facebook

I LOVE SparkleSkirts! I just picked up my 5th skirt and I am so happy you make them in plus sizes and they fit me perfectly! It's wonderful to have something that feels so comfortable and flirty for a plus size gal that fits perfectly the second I put it on! I've worn them in the parks, at all the Disney races and even around town. I feel so comfortable in them because of the built in shorts that seem to be made just for me! Thank you again for making such a wonderful product!

Georgia Slakey Perez
October 29, 2016
Via Facebook

I only discovered Sparkle skirts when I ran my first Disney 1/2 marathon in early 2016, and now own about 40 of them. They come in different lengths and styles, so I actually wear their longer length as everyday wear (much cuter and more feminine on me than shorts!). The slim and swing styles are perfect for running, and again as a shorts alternative. I don't know how I got along without them! So many amazing patterns and the design with ample pockets, available music holes for your headset, bib buddies for race bibs and other customizations make them perfect! Absolutely amazing customer service, and a community of fans that have become friends. It's a blast to run races around the country and meet "sparkle sisters" out there running with me.

Jamie Papenfuss
October 29, 2016
Via Facebook

I cannot say enough great things about SparkleSkirts products and their level of customer service. I won't wear any other running skirts/bottoms. I wear nothing else outside of work! I'd live in them if I could!

Alison Booz
October 21, 2016
Via Facebook

Thank you Ann and the SSHQ team for my beautiful Sara's Flowers custom skirt. She arrived safely yesterday with a lovely handwritten note. The Sparkle band is cool! I love that we have the opportunity to order custom skirts - a special service that is rare these days.

Valeri Mosier Reeder
October 20, 2016
Via Facebook

I love, love, love my SparkleSkirts! I first ordered 2 for the Pixiedust Challenge weekend and loved how comfortable they were. You don't even notice them when you are running, which is not always true for the shorts I used to wear. The shorts never ride up and they have a deep pocket on each leg plus a zipper pocket. So it was easy to get to my phone for the Disney photo ops and have my other items secure in the zippered pocket. The designs are so cute. I am up to 6 skirts now and *might* have an addiction. Strongly recommend!

Judith Warren
October 16, 2016
Via Facebook

Bought a skirt at the Detroit Free Press expo. Broke the rule and wore it today for the International Half. It was AMAZING! It fit perfectly! I did go down a size from my usual. I have been looking for longer compression shorts as 3" seams are all the rage. 3" doesn't fix my chub rub. I love love love the leg pockets. Was able to carry my gu, a picky bar, and a chapstick without even noticing them. I ususlly put the zipper waist pocket to the back but since it can go either way I put it to the front with some tissues inside. I can't count how many compliments I received on course. And others running in Sparkle Skirts all commented like our own skirt sisterhood. It was so comfy for the entire 13.1 miles. My husband was able to pick me out of the crowd easier. My Sister-in-Law (SIL) loved hers too. Go to their website right now. You need to!

Marla Nash Johnston 
September 28, 2016
Via Facebook

I ran into a lady at the Diva expo in Atlanta that had one on. She couldn't say enough good things about it, so I had to check it out. I purchased the breast cancer awareness skirt to wear at our Loco 3 day event in Hilton Head and LOVE it!!! I got so many compliments, put my phone in the thigh pocket, SOOOO CONVENIENT! I had no issues with the shorts riding up during a half marathon! They are awesome, just purchased 4 more!!! Would HIGHLY recommend!!!

Megan Saunders
September 28, 2016
Via Facebook

I started with a SparkleSkirt in January for the Walt Disney World Marathon-DressMeUpBlue! In the last 9 months, I've not run a race in anything else! SparkleSkirts (and the friendships they help form) are a force to be reckoned with! My skirts have traveled all over Europe and everywhere we go, I get compliments on them! Disneyland Paris has been a joy to be at with SparkleSkirts and I can't wait to run my next race in them! SparkleSkirts have gotten me through all of my runDisney races this year!

Pamela Mitchell
September 20, 2016
Via Facebook

I did the unthinkable for a half marathon and I tried something new on race morning. After falling in love with the Red Means Go swing style skirt at the Air Force Marathon Expo, I had to wear it race morning. I was nervous about chaffing but I got none! I put my Samsung Galaxy S5 in the thigh pocket and forgot about my phone. A couple of times, my heart skipped a beat because I thought it had fallen out but it was still safe and secure. The legs did not roll up and the compression was perfect. I bought two skirts at the expo and I will be buying more. Great quality ladies and proud to buy a product made in the USA!

Denise Smith
September 17, 2016
Via Facebook

I did a big no-no, I switched from running pants to a brand new Sparkle Skirt on race day and don't regret it one bit! The volunteer at the Air Force Marathon Expo did an excellent job helping me find the right size and she was right, the shorts don't ride up! I loved the hiker's length. The front pocket was huge and fit my inhaler, my truck key with fob, 2 Gu gels, 2 packets of electrolytes and my Samsung S7 Edge in a wallet case. I'm totally sold on Sparkle Skirts; they are worth every penny!

Lynne St Aubyn
September 7, 2016
Via Facebook

My lovely Sparkle Skirt took me on a half marathon today with Ben & The 401 Challenge. I'm sure the skirt could do 401 marathons in 401 days, but the runners wearing it definitely could not. The weather was hot with high humidity, but those shorts stayed put, no riding up! The pockets were laden with lip balm, phone, money, door key, sweets, but you'd never know it from the lovely line of the skirt!

Julie Schilling
August 13, 2016
Via Facebook

I can't tell you exactly how perfect these are, you're just going to have to get your own. The shorts don't move/creep/ride up, the skirts are gorgeous. I can tell you they're worth 2 times what they charge and if you find yourself with a coupon code or a sale do not hesitate, hit BUY! I'm 5'9.25" tall and have both the hiker chic length and the regular, shorter length (SwingStyle) and both look great and fit beautifully!

Thank you SparkleSkirts, I love you hopelessly. #addicted

Susan Mason
July 16, 2016
Via Facebook

I was told about SparkleSkirts from another runner. Now I'm hooked! I just put in my third order in two months! They've shipped quickly each time. Once, the online stock was incorrect, so the one I ordered was not available. I was contacted and it was switched out for another one. Having started running late in life (49), I'm rather self-conscious. These skirts help give me confidence and feel great! Today I wore MadHatter purple to the gym for a core workout, and loved it! Keep up the great work!

Kassie Ortiz
July 16, 2016
Via Facebook

I love my Sparkle Skirts! All of the skirts are beautifully made, and the customer service is top notch. I've made multiple phone calls to them over the last year, either with questions or I need to fix an order I placed; I've never received anything else than the utmost of care from them!

Meg Anderson
June 30, 2016
Via Facebook

I was told about SparkleSkirts when I was on a Disney Cruise from a fellow passenger who was wearing one. When I got home, I ordered one to see how I would like it. I kicked myself for not ordering more.

During a long, hot and very humid week in Disney World, I lived in my SparkleSkirt. I got tons of compliments (one from Tarzan himself who really liked the flowers and animals on it) and it was SO comfortable. It dried quickly (which was great for rides like Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain) and I LOVED the pockets which allowed me to go bag free in the parks--what a treat! I'm planning on getting several more SparkleSkirts before my next trip in July of 2017.

I highly recommend this product!!

Jeanne Traylor
June 27, 2016
Via Facebook

OMG! I'm a Sparkle Girl for life now! I'm a new runner and do not have the typical runner build. I ordered my 1st skirt as a reward to myself for completing the ATC In Training for Peachtree program. It came in just days after I ordered it with fun packaging, a handwritten thank-you note, and sunscreen! I tested it out the very next day with my 1st ever 9-mile run. The side pockets held my phone, Sport Beans, and extra bandana perfectly. My ID and keys were super safe in the top zipper pocket. Best of all, the shorts stayed put the whole time with no rubbing or riding up. I think this skirt actually made me faster since it's so fun!

Angela Solbak
May 28, 2016
Via Facebook

My Mom & I bought these beautiful Black Sparkle Skirts at the Wine & Dine Expo this year. Mom loves hers so much that it is her official Holiday skirt. We wore them today to the #runforwomen and got SO Many Compliments! Thank you for making a great product. We were showing our pockets (a FANTASTIC feature by the way!) We sent very many people your way (to the website!) The announcer at our race said, "A compliment goes a long way to improving someone's day (and race!)". It is absolutely true! This is my official racing skirt. It makes my run fantastic and sells a few skirts for you too! I haven't seen anything like this product here in Canada. Bravo. Good work!

Christy Reuter Davis
May 21, 2016
Via Facebook

I was introduced to SparkleSkirts almost a year ago. I was just starting to run and my friend told me how great they are. The shorts don't ride up and you don't chafe. I was skeptical, But I made a trip to the store and tried them on. I loved them! They are cute and do what was promised! My other plan was that I could take with me to Portugal this summer because of all the pockets I wouldn't need to carry a purse while we toured. I wear them all the time, including to church. They are the best skirts! And all of the women that work at SparkleSkirts are the nicest people, eager to help. My mother-in-law went and got me a skirt for Christmas. They showed her the skirts I liked and helped her pick out one for me.

Melissa Hardwood Means
May 17, 2016
Via Facebook

I ran my second 1/2 at OKC in my new sparkle skirt and was a little wary about sporting something new I had just bought the day before at the Expo. I loved it, the shorts underneath never budged an inch, and I am plagued with running shorts always riding up on annoying and distracting! I LOVE this running skirt and I don't really want to wear any of my shorts now. Great product! I'm already plotting my next purchase.

Kimberly Branham-Blowe
May 17, 2016
Via Facebook

I have been a SparkleSister for about a year now. I love the skirts. I love Sharon. I love the other staff (just haven't dealt with them as much). They have fantastic customer service and they skirts come wrapped with love and special inspiring notes that I adore. I recommend them everywhere I go. 

Tammy Pittman
March 25, 2016
Via Facebook

I so loved running in my new SparkleSkirt. You are right...the legs didn't ride up. The pockets are awesome. I didn't need to wear my Flip belt to hold my phone. I felt lost not having anything to hold onto but it was nice to know it was on me. I got lots of compliments on my skirt. I'm so glad y'all came to OKC. Deborah Johnson and I will stay in touch! We will pass the word on about your skirts!

Denise Whitaker
March 28, 2016
Via Facebook
Mudd Buster Capris are the most awesome running capris I have ever had! They fit so wonderfully and especially they have these enormous pockets on the side with "air holes" and a zip pocket in the back. When I save up all my pennies (LOL) I'm going to buy (I think) every single design in them!! Why oh why didn't I find these years ago?

Annie Balant
March 24, 2016
Via Facebook
Best running skirts ever, hands down! The shorts are amazing! Also the nicest bunch of folks you could ever meet.

Roxanne Clark
March 22, 2016
Via Facebook
Even in all that wind and rain at the Virginia Beach Shamrock Half Marathon, my phone stayed safe in my leg pocket. My crackers were safe and dry in my front zipper. I was very thankful Sunday for my SparkleSkirt. It was amazing to see you at the expo and loved the chance to try on different types of SparkleSkirts. Everyone there was so kind and incredibly helpful. Thank you again!

The Running Lifestyle Podcast Reviews SparkleSkirts

March 10, 2016
Via (review around 43:00)

"This brand by far, knocked it out of the park....The thing that set this skirt apart for me, is that the spandex shorts were not riding up and they were the perfect length..."
- Serena

"I love that there is a pocket in the waistband...the waistband is a little thicker so you don't get that crazy muffin top...The best part of SparkleSkirts is you can make every running costume out of them..." - Tracy

Courtney Oliver
March 4, 2016
Via Facebook
I've never run in a skirt before but I saw a great pattern at an expo and wanted to give it a try. These skits are worth the hype- it was comfortable, staying place, and looked great. The front pocket was a pleasant (and useful) surprise. I will definitely buy another!

Sarah Saya

March 1, 2016
Via Facebook
I completed my first marathon a few weeks ago in a Sparkle Skirt! The pockets easily held all my fuel, iPhone, Chapstick and much more!



Denise Baker Graham
February 29, 2016
Via Facebook
Just wore my first sparkle skirt for the very first time yesterday for a 5 mile run. I love it so much! The pockets are can't feel anything in them. I'm truly beyond thrilled with the feel and wear of them. I had my keys, inhaler, and phone in the pockets with no issues at all! The shorts stayed put. I'm so glad I have 3 more on the way!

Ashley Garrett
February 24, 2016
Via Facebook
I've been in the runDisney scene doing multiple events a year for the past three years. What I've always heard for the entirety of this time is how amazing SparkleSkirts are. I've always wanted to try one, but have been skeptical about the claim of the shorts not riding up since shorts always ride up on me. It's why despite FL heat, I always train in capris. However, I finally saved up enough money and saw an opportunity to try sizes on at the Princess expo. I didn't want to order one without knowing which size I needed. I got the mermaid one though and it's fabulous and can't wait to get more. It's completely worth it, the shorts underneath absolutely do not ride up at all, and the pockets are amazing.

 Wendy Brockman
February 23, 2016
Via Facebook

I purchased a skirt after reading so many great reviews and I was not disappointed. I did the Disney Princess Half Marathon in my skirt and the shorts did not budge.

I love all of the pockets too! I had them filled up and they were still incredibly comfortable throughout the run. They are great for more than just running and I plan to wear mine again on our next Disney trip so I won't need to carry a bag!


Crystal Bauer
February 22, 2016
Via Facebook
If I could give this skirt more stars I would!! I'm totally hooked on these. First off let's talk about comfort. The shorts don't rise up, the fabric is lightweight and the fit is all around great. The pockets!! Omgosh I didn't even feel my iPhone 6 that's in a heavy case, that was tucked in one of the short pockets. The zipper pocket is awesome as well. I looked cute for once while running Felt like a woman and not some sweaty beast. Must try!!!


Lisa Rice Seidel
February 21, 2016
Via Facebook

Those leg pockets are just about the best invention in running!





Julia Castille
February 19, 2016
Via Facebook
I went to the Princess Half Marathon Expo at Walt Disney World knowing that I wanted to try on SparkleSkirts. However, what I truly didn't know is how awesome their skirts are! I was hesitant to purchase one online due to sizing concerns and wished to see if it fit me! At the Expo they had an area set up that we could try them on to see how they fit. At first I wasn't unsure after trying it on, however she gave me a rundown on sizing and what to do if I lost more weight! Purchased my first one and used it for the 5k! Loved loved loved it! I can't wait to sign up for more races so I can buy more skirts!

Peggy Shadel
January 30, 2016
Via Facebook

I just love them. And won't ever run a race without them. The pockets are now an integral part of helping me keep my nutrition on track so I can finish and not die. :) I have 12 with a 13th on the way. Love, love, love them.

Christina Wagner
January 25, 2016
Via Facebook

Thank you so much for making these amazing skirts! I ordered the Black Suede SparkleTech and I am IN LOVE! It fits beautifully and definitely the highest quality athletic wear I've ever worn. The personalized note in the package was such a sweet touch! You will forever have my business. Thank you again!

Rebecca DeBell in Woman of Steel at her first full marathon in Dec 2015Rebecca DeBell
January 22, 2016
Via Facebook
I was introduced to Sparkle Skirts a year ago this past Nov. I now have 20 with a custom in progress. I will not run in anything else now I even wear them whenever I can out and about. Just because they are so comfy and so darn cute. I get compliments every time I wear one. Can't wait for my next shopping spree at SS.

January 15, 2016
Via Twitter

has THE BEST customer service! They went above and beyond for me today!!

Shanna H. in BigBangShanna Houdashelt
December 31, 2015
Via Facebook
I recently ordered my first Sparkle Skirt. I've been running for several years and have seen them at the Disney Expos, but thought they were too expensive.

They. Are. Worth. Every. Penny! 


I wore my skirt for an 8 mile run, in the rain, and had zero issues. It dried super fast and I Love the pockets and shorts! I'm trying to decide which one to order next.

December 30, 2015
Via Twitter 

@SparkleSkirts I love the skirt! Never had to adjust the shorts once on my run.



 Heather Plummer Goodrich‎ at Jeff Galloway


Heather Goodrich
December 23, 2015
Via Facebook

To my many Sparkle Sisters. This past weekend was my "Comeback Party" I was able to complete both the 5k and the half at the Jeff Galloway 13.1.. It took 15 long months to get here.. I had to fight back from Major Spinal surgery and a Major MS flair . In fact, a MS flair left me with severe Left foot drop foot... I have to wear an Electronic Brace so I can pick my foot off the ground.. It has been a Long and Difficult journey.. These skirts are just Not skirts to me!! These skirts make it possible for me to run long distance.. . I am able to store all the electronics to my brace on the inside pockets.. I need a "safe and dry" place that I can access and trust.. Believe Me there is nothing on the market that can support this.!!.. I am so thankful to the folks at Sparkle .. Without them NONE of this would of be possible.. NOW ON TO PRINCESS 2016.. WOOOO HOOOO.. SPARKLE Rocks!!! Rocking MS in MY SPARKLE.....


Jackie H.
December 14, 2015
Via Facebook

I absolutely love all of my Sparkle Skirts! I'm a slower, asthmatic runner and need to carry a lot of stuff with me. I can fit a small hand towel, inhalers, lip balm, iPhone 6, 3 GU's, car keys, & my id and credit cards! They are the most comfortable thing to run in! I can't run in anything else now! Sparkle on!

Jaime S.
December 14, 2015
Via Facebook

Bought my first skirt at the JG 13.1 Expo this past Saturday. Wore it for the race on Sunday, even though I know you shouldn't do new things on race day. It was great, didn't ride up, loved the pockets and zipper pouch. The sparkle skirt ladies even cheered me across the finish line! Can't wait to get more.

Bobbye J.

November 29, 2015
Via Facebook
Bought one at the Space Coast Half-marathon expo this weekend. Despite misgivings (never wear anything new), I couldn't resist wearing it for the event today. Absolutely loved it! Did not ride up and zero chaffing, even with hot, humid Florida weather. Other skirts I've tried have been very hot. Not the Sparkle! Love all the pockets. Was carrying my oversized phone, credit card, cash, my car keyfob, ChapStick and tissues in the zipper pocket and my power bar and gels in one under pocket and my sunglasses in the other. Even with all that, no issues. Bonus is that it is incredibly cute! Will definitely be ordering more.

Teresa O.
November 25, 2015
Via Facebook

SparkleSkirts area must have for runners! The quality of the fabrics & stitching is spectacular! Even better this is a made in the USA company! You will not be disappointed in your purchase. Sizing is exactly as stated on their website. I was between the medium & large & I ordered the medium & it fits perfectly! Thank SparkleSkirt for a fabulous product! So glad I asked a fellow runner at a school track about her skirt! She told me she owns 20 of them! I completely understand why.

Nita S.
August 19, 2015

Via Facebook
These are amazing skirts both for athletic wear and out and about. When they say the shorts don't ride up, they mean it! And the huge pockets (two on the sides and the big zipper pocket on the waist) hold so much. They are well made and the customer service is impeccable. Can't get enough! #alltheskirts