Custom Skirt Definitions & FAQ

The following information walks you through the definitions (and tips) for each of the Individual Custom Form questions. For any questions you do not know please put N/A as most fields are mandatory.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call Ann, (813) 759-6000, prior to placing your order.

We can make any of our standard skirts (CasualFit, Commando, HikerChic, SlimCut, SwingStyle, Vented SlimCut, and SparkleLight) in an approved fabric you select. We are unable to make custom SparkleBottoms or MuddBusters or the following skirt styles: DressMeUp, Girlfriend, or Gone2TheDogs.

Please note if you are ordering an Individual Custom with another stock or team skirt, you'll need to place separate orders or your other shipments will be held the 12-20 weeks while your custom is made.

As of Monday, April 11th, 2016 we will no longer accept any fabrics which contain copyrighted images unless there is an obvious printing on the selvage (white edge) of the fabric which proves that proper licensing has been obtained. Remember, we can design a fabric for your team as long as licensing needs and minimum yardage quantities are met.

Selecting an Individual Custom Fabric

Select a fabric from the recommended fabric sources ( and We do not recommend looking on eBay or Etsy for fabrics as they often are not good quality or accurately described in the listing. We recommend polyester (poly.) spandex but can use some nylon spandex. The fabric MUST have at least 15-20% spandex and be a 4-way stretch. Fabric weight of 8 oz square/yard is the preferred weight. If you are unsure of the fabric source or style/ID, please type N/A.

Fabric Yards Required by Style, Size

Click here for the required fabric yards based on skirt style, size, and fabric print. These requirements are subject to change depending on fabric flaws, printing, selvage. If you have any questions, please contact
  1. Who is providing the fabric? Please note as of November 1, 2016, SparkleSkirts will no longer purchase fabric for individual customs or small teams. 
  2. Fabric Description or Name and Photo: If you've already named your skirt, please include that along with the mandatory description. Be as specific as possible! You should be able to either save a photo from the fabric website or snap one with your phone and upload it. If for some reason you cannot attach a photo to the form, please email a photo to and reference your Order Number.
  3. Is this a one-way print? One-way prints are those that cannot be placed upside down or changed from a horizontal direction to vertical. For example, in this photo of "Hunting Dogs," the fabric must be laid out one-way so that the dogs are facing the correct direction.
  4. Plaid Fabric: Plaid fabric requires a lot more work to line up during the cutting and sewing process, therefore, there is an additional fee.
  5. Skirt Style: SwingStyle our most popular, is cut as a semi-circle, allowing plenty of room for loaded pockets and a "swingy" flow to the fabric. HikerChic is a SwingStyle with two inches added to the skirt length and one inch to the shorts; perfect as a work skirt or for those who are tall or who want more coverage. SlimCut is a more fitted, "athletic" shape skirt. VentedSlimCut simply has a fun flap over the right leg to provide even more freedom of movement (but VentedSlimCut cannot be turned with the zipper pocket in the back unless you special order your VSC made with the waistband pocket reversed). CasualFit is slightly more flared at the bottom than SlimCut but not as full as SwingStyle; a perfect hybrid skirt for traveling, golf, tennis, running and possibly even for work. Tailfeather skirts can be made from SwingStyle or HikerChic; they are modeled after bi-level dresses, where the back hem hangs lower than the front. Click here to read about the various Designs (Original 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1).
  6. Skirt Size: Please visit our Size Chart, or give Ann a call (813) 759-6000, and we can walk you through the sizing process. The shorts are designed to be slightly compressive (they should hug your thighs), but the compression level can vary depending on the Shorts Material.
  7. Skirt Length Extension: If you'd like a little extra length around the entire skirt, you can opt for an extra inch. If you're ordering a SwingStyle and would prefer more length, we recommend the HikerChic, which is two inches longer in the skirt and an inch longer in the undershorts.
  8. Shorts Size: Please visit our Size Chart for details.
  9. Shorts Color: If you'd like a picture and recommendations for shorts colors once we've received your fabric, please email Please remember every monitor displays colors differently! Do not expect to match products seen on any website to products you have, or to other products on any website. Pictures on websites are never guaranteed to represent the final product because monitor settings can differ widely. Please note only the small polka dots can be used for shorts (as well as waistbands and pockets). The large polka dots are for waistbands and pockets only!
  10. Waistband Style: Solid-waistbands feature the same fabric as the shorts, whereas self-waistbands use the fabric of the skirt. Please note some fabrics such as Peacocks or other sequin material cannot be used for self-waistbands. Custom-waistbands are a third material, different than the skirt and shorts. They take longer to produce because they require a separate cut. Plaid fabrics are very challenging to match up perfectly, however, if your material can be used for a self-waistband and you'd like your plaids to match as much as possible, it will require more time and therefore costs more. Due to the nature of the plaid fabric and the various steps (cutting, sewing), we cannot guarantee a perfectly aligned plaid, but we will try our best.
  11. Shorts Pocket Style: Similar to the waistband choices and photos above, you can either have pockets that match the shorts, match the skirt or a different fabric altogether.
  12. Cuff Extension: You can have a half an inch to 2 inches of length added to your undershorts leg cuffs. Please note this extra may require more fabric. 
  13. Matching Headband: Complete your outfit with a matching headband for $15. You'll need at least 6.5x17" inches of fabric for the wide style and 1.5x17" for the thin (non-slip) style. The headbands are fully adjustable.
  14. Alterations: Please note once skirts are altered, they are considered non-returnable. Tired of fighting with safety pins for your race bib attachment? The BibBuddie alteration allows you to simply "pinch" your bib in place! BibBuddie attaches through the zipper pocket on the front of the skirt, or through the very top of the skirt if you wear your pocket in the back, and can be removed.
  15. Drawstrings can be installed behind the zippered pocket as an added convenience for those who need their waist tightened. 
  16. Music Hole provides an added convenience for people who like to use their music device in the pocket of the SHORTS, a music hole can be installed right below the waistband (in the skirt) and can be to the left or the right of the zippered pocket in the waistband. SparkleSkirts sewing staff considers the zippered pocket side to be the "front" and the non-zippered side to be the "back". Please choose the "right side" or "left side" based on this information.