Custom Team Skirts

Want matching skirts for your running group? For teams of 15 or more, we can help you choose a fabric to fit your theme or event and make a skirt for each team member. Less than 15 members, click here!

The team running skirts cost is often more than our stock prices because it takes a separate fabric layout and individual cuts for each skirt size produced. In the case of ordering unique fabrics, the price of the materials can be higher and we have to pay separate shipping charges for those materials. Due to these higher costs, we are unable to offer any team discounts. 
We can make any of our standard skirts (SwingStyle, SlimCut, Vented SlimCut, CasualFit, HikerChic, Commando, FlutterCut, and SparkleLight) in an approved fabric you select. We are unable to make custom SparkleBottoms or MuddBusters or the following skirt styles: DressMeUp, Girlfriend, or Gone2TheDogs.
Please note there is substantial lead time on team running skirts. Read the process below and then email to get started.
  1. Contact Sharon to be placed in the custom team running skirt queue. Then start looking for an approved fabric from the recommended fabric sources (Sharon will provide). The fabric MUST have at least 15-20% spandex and be a 4-way stretch. With a fabric weight of 6 oz square/yard, you will NOT be able to do self-waistband or printed pockets.  You may want to go ahead and purchase your team's fabric (or select a few alternatives) so that when Sharon is ready to process your size order the fabric is available.
  2. Sharon will contact you when your team's order is ready to enter production and you will need to provide all the members' sizes.
  3. When your running team's skirts are sewn Sharon will contact you for a list of names matching the skirt sizes previously provided. Next, Sharon will provide a link for your approved team members to purchase their skirts. All team skirt purchases are verified to ensure the person is on the approved team list.
As of Monday, April 11th, 2016 we will no longer accept any fabrics which contain copyrighted images unless there is an obvious printing on the selvage (white edge) of the fabric which proves that proper licensing has been obtained. Remember, we can design a fabric for your team as long as licensing needs and minimum yardage quantities are met.