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Blizzard SwingStyle 2.1

Blizzard SwingStyle 2.1
Blizzard SwingStyle 2.1
Blizzard SwingStyle 2.1

Whether you're channeling a galaxy princess or your favorite snowman, this white sequin running skirt is perfect for race costumes! These 2.1 Design skirts have the waistband-to-skirt seam sewn down to the shorts to help smooth the shape of the skirts without the added cost of tucking all those layers of fabric inside the waistband. It's part of our efforts to keep our prices from going up! This 2.1 skirt is also more consistent with our original measurement specifications, so if you are a fan of original SparkleTech skirts, the new 2.1 skirts will be sure to please! This shimmery medium-weight athletic skirt has an EZ Grab Zipper, pockets are sewn directly onto the standard shorts, and the size tag underneath the skirt rather than in the shorts (like our original design). Speaking of the gray shorts, they're guaranteed not to ride up, plus they have two 6x6" pockets. There is more space hidden in the 12" zippered waistband, which can be worn front or back. Get this running wardrobe staple today and complete your look with the matching headband.

ALL STYLES $70 !!!

Availability: Open stock.

Wear and Washing instructions: Please avoid anything from rubbing against the sparkles. To prolong the life of your skirt, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry away from direct sunlight.

Due to the differences in fabric content, density/weight and knit tension of Spandex, the hip and leg measurements and the hem length of skirts and shorts can vary from one print or solid color to the next!  Even different dye lots can create variances!

Please note: "Picking" and pilling are common occurrences with polyester and nylon fabrics. Your garment has been carefully inspected and we recommend extra care on your part to prevent chafing or snagging of this delicate fabric. We are not responsible for snags or chafing of fabric.

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