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Custom Running Skirts for Individuals and Small Teams (Less than 25)

Individual Custom Skirts

We would love to help you sparkle with a custom running skirt! We have a new process, so please review the steps below. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call Ann, (863) 944-1997, prior to placing your order. Any changes needed after the order is placed will result in the order being cancelled and re-submitted to ensure accurate record keeping.
  1. Review theTerms & Conditions, then complete the Individual Custom Form referencing the Custom Skirt FAQ as needed.
  2. Type "N/A" for any unknowns on the form.
  3. Once your SparkleSkirt order has been placed, you may then mail the fabric to Ann (or we will purchase if indicated). Please make certain the fabric is addressed as follows: Attention Ann/<YOUR FULL NAME>. This will help ensure we match up your fabric with the form.

Small Team Custom Skirts

Less than 25 team members, but you all still want a custom running skirt? We've got you covered! Teams under 25 can contact Nannie McAnnie at All orders for everyone on the team will need to be placed BEFORE they go into the production queue. The order will NOT go into the queue until the last person pays. Include the team name, skirt style and any special requests such as a Music Hole or BibBuddie in the order notes.