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Sparkle Spotlight: SparkleSister Endures “Silent” Chronic Illness to Continue Running

Imagine sharp pain shooting throughout your entire body, stiff joints, fibrous knotty and rope-like muscle tissue that burns, and chronic fatigue—but on the outside, you look perfectly normal. That’s SparkleSister Gerri Tokar-Hines daily struggle. “Although I was officially diagnosed about 10 years ago, doctors believe I have been living with lingering symptoms of fibromyalgia since my late teens--a long time...

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SparkleSkirts Design Styles Explained

In an effort to continually improve our American-made athletic apparel products, while controlling prices, we've implemented quite a few design changes. Below explains each of the unique characteristics along with photos to help provide a visual example. Should you have any questions about a product prior to order, please email or call us during business hours (M-F, 9 a.m....

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