Introducing SparkleSkirts New 2.0 Design

from the desk of Queen Mum

Everyone here at SparkSkirts wants to thank you for supporting our endeavor! Personally, I have to admit, I never could I have imagined how many lives would be touched by this company. You all are a blessing!

Just as I am passionate about keeping our manufacturing on US soil and giving back to charity, I am also passionate about providing the best product possible to our loyal customers. That's why I am thrilled to share the brand new SparkleTech pattern, now known as 2.0. Our Lead Designer has worked many hours perfecting the changes and dozens of test runners are raving their approval!

1. "Why is this rolling up here?!" "Is this normal? Why doesn't it lay flat right here?" We have heard these questions about the four layers where the fabric and shorts meet. The 2.0 Design helps to decrease the roll of fabric, providing a smoother line.

2. Pop-proof pocket panels! By incorporating the pocket panel into the design of the shorts, we have reinforced the seams like never before! Go on, stuff those pockets full of gels, energy beans, nutrition bars, and other running essentials, they're not going anywhere! (Don't worry if for some reason you have any issue with the original design pockets--it's rare nowadays, but it happens--we'll repair them for you!)

3. The EZ Grab Zipper not only gives this skirt a more athletic and modern look, it allows quick and easy access to your 12" zippered waistband pocket whether you wear the pocket in the front or back. Prefer the old style for career-wear purposes? The covered zipper will still be available as an individual custom option.

4. Speaking of the reversible shorts, they are now made with a wider crotch gusset and no longer have a front or back rise seam (see photo below for example). 

5. The tag is now located on the seam of the skirt rather than the shorts, ensuring it will not irritate your skin. (Big thanks to our attorney for helping us push that improvement through finally!)

6. CasualFit is slightly more flared at the bottom than SlimCut but not as full as SwingStyle. Perfect for those who might like a "hybrid" skirt for traveling, golf, tennis, running and possibly even for work!

Got more questions about the new design? Check out our New Design FAQ page. If you can't find your answer there, please email and we'll get it addressed ASAP! Thanks everyone for joining us on this journey!

  • SparkleJess says...

    Sorry Stephanie, the EZ-Grab zipper is part of our new design. At this point there are no plans to convert it back to the Original 1.0 Design style.

    On July 28, 2017

  • Stephanie Baker says...

    Please return the zipper to the original side and cover it back up..

    On July 28, 2017

  • SparkleJess says...

    Hi Pamela! Thanks for the feedback and questions. Here’s Leah’s response:

    Our seams are made “inside out” so the smooth side is toward the skin. The new seams that house the pockets do not end up on the rear to where they will be sat upon…they are at the sides of the thighs. The crotch gusset is exactly the same as it has always been. As long as you do not run in the new skirt, you can always return it unwashed, unworn and in perfect condition. I’ll also email you back in case you don’t receive notification of this post.

    Hi Tamra! That’s actually on our FAQ, but so you know the FelineFine is the first stock skirt that will have the new design. The new skirt descriptions will indicate if they are the original or new design. I’ll email you back with the timeline details too in case you miss this post.

    On October 24, 2016

  • Tamra Haurani says...

    When will these changes show up in skirts? Excited to add to my running collection.

    On October 24, 2016

  • Nora says...

    I think the modifications to the slim will work great! Excited to try it out!

    On October 22, 2016

  • Lisa McIvor says...

    They changed look great! And I’m hearing great reviews from testers. Thanks to all for all of your hard sparkle work on this redesign!!

    On October 22, 2016

  • Amy Jenkyn says...

    I love that you all listen to comments and work towards improvements on an already great product! Looks like I will finally try a slim for lucky skirt #13! When will the new designs be incorporated to production, and will the design be specified in the description? Thanks!

    On October 22, 2016

  • Pamela Slaney says...

    Hello Sparkle Skirts! These are definitely some exciting changes. Overall, I like most of them but I am concerned about the new seams running up/down the back of the legs. I previously owned athletic wear with a similar design from a reputable company and the seam placement made the pants unwearable for anything involving sitting. The seams irritated and became painful on the back of the legs. I realize these are running skirts so one might ask ‘why would you be wearing them for sitting around?’ Well, a lot of people wear them for travel or medical appointments because they are so comfortable. I usually wear mine to physiotherapy which is a 90 minute drive each way. The new design will likely be unsuitable for this purpose. Given the price point of these items it would be an expensive experiment for me to find out that the new design doesn’t work for me. Keep the great ideas coming. Hopefully the future will bring more skirts that I can add to my collection!

    On October 22, 2016

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