Dynamic Duo Running Costume Ideas

If you're looking for the perfect runDisney costume for this year's theme of dynamic duos, then look no further! Here are some SparkleSkirts inspired running costumes. Got ideas of your own? Email jessica@sparkleskirts.com and we'll get them added! Don't forget to check out our Pinterest board for even more costume ideas. Remember SparkleTechs (pictured below) are all made in the USA and feature 3 spacious pockets (two 5x5" leg pockets & a 12" zippered waistband pocket) PLUS anti-ride undershorts. Comfort + Style + Quality = Win!


Liver Lips & Al from Country Bears

Liver Lips: SimplyDenim SparkleSkirt paired with a tan shirt and the RedMiniTech Headband. Al: We paired this dark gray running tank with the new Unforgettable skirt (which will be released on Tuesday 8/23 and available in all three styles, SlimCut pictured here) then draped some red fabric over to indicate the vet. Your local fabric store may have breathable red scrap material! The second Al option is MudPie paired with a red shirt.

Aladdin & Genie

A magical combo, Aladdin is achieved with WhiteLinen and a purple shirt. Just pair a blue shirt with BlueRoyale and poof, you've got the genie! Don't forget about the RedMeansGo headband for that pop of red.

Mickey & Pluto

There are actually three SparkleSkirt options for the Mickey look: RedMiniTechToo, ShockingRed, or Minerva. They all pair great with this black shirt. For Pluto, pair our DressMeUpYellow with a lime green ribbon and yellow shirt.

Dumbo & Timothy

A childhood favorite, you can bring this duo to life with our brand new Unforgettable skirt (will release Tuesday 8/23 in all styles) for Dumbo paired with a red top. Or you can pair it with a gray skirt for that overall elephant look, and then add a scarf like this one or make your own! Bring Dumbo's adorable friend Timothy to life with ShockingRed, a yellow shirt, and the RedMensGo headband.

    • SparkleJess says...

      Hi Linda! I’ll email you too, but yes! We have a Pinterest board devoted to Star Wars: https://www.pinterest.com/SparkleOnNow/from-a-galaxy-far-far-away/

      Here is the overall board for other race costume ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/SparkleOnNow/.

      On September 09, 2016

    • Linda Herget says...

      I love these ideas. I wish I had seen them before we went to Disneyland last weekend. Do you have any ideas for the Star Wars runs?

      On September 09, 2016

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