Boss' Day: Get to Know Queen Mum

Boss' Day: Get to Know Queen Mum

We may have missed Boss' Day by a few days (in our defense, we were traveling back from the Detroit Marathon Expo and then getting caught up on work!), but we still couldn't resist sharing some little-known tidbits about the Queen Mum, founder of SparkleSkirts. 

  • For those who don't know, Leah started this business because as an avid runner, she couldn't find a product to meet her needs. So, how many races has this exercise enthusiast completed? 13 marathons and...countless (no literally, she has lost count) half marathons. Oh, and even more impressive, Leah didn't start running half marathons until she was 50.
  • Born in Arizona, "Gypsy Leah" has lived in Calfornia, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and even Hawaii. Her favorite place though is Washington.
  • Speaking of states, she was a graphic designer for the State of Hawaii as well as the State of Alaska.
  • Anyone who has seen Leah's designs knows she's an incredibly talented artist. She actually worked for Warner Brothers Licensed Studio and owned a mural painting business. 
  • We saved the best for last! Did you know Queen Mum worked on a cattle ranch? That's right, she tended to 8,000 cows on horseback. No wonder she felt so at ease during her ride in Lexington, Kentucky! (Yep, she rode in a SparkleSkirt!)

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  • Jessica Lynn Lawson
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  • Donna McTyre-Beck
    Donna McTyre-Beck

    Sissy, I love you and miss you! And so much else in our lives that made you who you are today. So very happy for you!

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