SparkleSkirts Dark Side Running Costumes

"Dominate your destiny" when you deviate to the dark side with these running skirts and accessories.

 Hex Embellishment

Show your Dark Side allegiance with this hand-applied custom Hex embellishment ($10) on BlackSilk or BlackSuede.

GalacticLord Cape - Darth Vader Themed Running CostumeGalacticLord Costume

Channel your favorite galaxy villain with the Zircon SwingStyle skirt, starting at $70, paired with the GalacticLord cape ($40), and the Black Princess Sleeves ($20). 

DarkWarrior Running Costume - Star Wars Dark Jedi Knight Running OutfitDarkWarrior Costume

Depict your favorite DarkWarrior by pairing the Zircon SwingStyle skirt (Starting at $70) with the Black Robe with belt ($40). 

DressMeUpEbony Black Running Skirt with Silver Glitter RibbonA Little Bit of Darkness

Slip into the darkness with this versatile, wicking running skirt featuring a galactic-friendly silver ribbon that can be changed out. DressMeUpEbony SwingStyle skirt with silver ribbon: Starting at $80


A breath of crimson smoke drifts over the black background of this medium-weight running skirt, giving it a villainous look. SwingStyle skirt: Starting at $70. Also available in SlimCut and HikerChic.


Technology comes to life in this foil covered medium-weight SwingStyle skirt (Starting at $70). Also available in SlimCut.

DarkForce Embellishment

This eerie face will spark respect out on the race course! Order the DarkForce Embellishment ($15) shown here on the Zircon skirt or any of our black, medium-weight running skirts.

GalacticLord Embellishment - Darth Vader Themed Running SkirtGalacticLord Embellishment

Give in to this iconic look! Glittery embellishment ($20) on the center leather-look panel of the Zircon skirt allows you to "represent" in complete comfort.

DarkSoldier White Linen - Stormtrooper Running CostumeCloneSoldier 

Pair WhiteLinen with your favorite white running shirt and depict one of the Dark Side troopers.

Storm SwingStyle - Limited Edition 

The Storm Limited Edition SwingStyle skirt (Starting at $70) will be Awakened at the expo!

  • Debbie Edwards says...

    I’d like a Medium Storm if they are ever available again.
    Princess Debbie

    On October 15, 2016

  • Nikki says...

    I didn’t see them at the Disneyland Expo. Did I just miss them?! Heading to Orlando for the Dark Side Challenge and looking for something.

    On January 31, 2016

  • Ashley says...

    Did the Storm ever go up? I was hoping to snag one…

    On January 27, 2016

  • SparkleJess says...

    Hi Tara! Just wrote you back on Facebook. I’ll make a note of your email address and let you know when we’re going to put them on. Or would text be faster? Feel free to shoot me your number if so,

    On January 18, 2016

  • Tara says...

    Hoping there are a few of STORM left from Expo.

    On January 17, 2016

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