SparkleSkirts Light Side Running Costumes

Demonstrate your alliance and your light-side fighting skills with these great running skirts and accessories.



    Show off your energy and discipline in this light-side running costume that pairs perfectly with MudPie or RayOfLight SparkleTech skirts.





    Depict the classic, fearless galaxy leader by pairing one of our SparkleTech white skirts with the silver princess sleeves. Run in style and comfort!



    Depict your favorite galaxy sidekick in this shimmery, sequined gold running skirt. Add Gold Princess Sleeves for a complete transformation.

    • Goldenrod SparkleTech SwingStyle skirt with khaki-color, built-in anti-ride undershorts with three huge pockets: (XS-3XL) (LINK COMING SOON!!)
    • Gold Princess Sleeves with pocket: (S,M,L,XL)




    Hand-applied Luminary art embellishment dresses up any ShockingRed SparkleTech running skirt to honor one of your favorite movie characters. Please allow 2-3 extra days for embellishment, as it requires lots of curing time. 





    Order one or several Messenger Embellishments to White Linen and represent your favorite little messenger. Paired with an orange shirt you can battle the forces of evil as a resistance pilot with a Messenger custom embellishment on each side of the skirt.


    RayOfLight Costume

    Channel your favorite Force-sensitive heroine with this running costume ensemble:



    Represent your favorite quirky cybernetic character with this fun and colorful SpaceNavigator embellishment. Pictured here on a Zircon SparkleTech (skirts sold separately), but can be done on BlackSilk or even on BlueRoyale (with slight color variations).

    Please allow additional days for this embellishment. Drying time is needed to ensure your skirt is ready to ship. (XS-3XL)


    "Do or do not [Sparkle]. There is no try." Unlock the path to wisdom and strength with the GreenThing SparkleTech SwingStyle skirt. (XS-3XL)



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