SparkleSkirts Unveils New Jeff Galloway Custom Running Skirt

We are honored to work with Jeff Galloway to produce some incredible, custom SparkleSkirts! Jeff is a former US Olympian who has motivated millions of runners and walkers to achieve and exceed their fitness goals. As part of SparkleSkirts Gives Back, $5 from each skirt purchased will benefit one of Jeff’s favorite charities, The Donna Foundation, which raises money to help women living with breast cancer. These beauties will debut at the JG 13.1 and will be online slightly ahead of time for those running the virtual races. The JG Watermark SparkleSkirt features anti-ride undershorts plus three spacious pockets for your phone, music, gels, or other running essentials. This beautiful skirt comes with the JG Run/Walk/Run emblem or you may request a custom glitter embellishment for your local JG group.

Skirt  Photo
JG Watermark - SwingStyle Jeff Galloway Watermark Running Skirt - SwingStyle
JG Watermark - SlimCut
Jeff Galloway Watermark Running Skirt - SwingStyle
JG Watermark - HikerChic (2 inches longer)
Jeff Galloway Watermark Running Skirt - HikerChic
  • SparkleJess says...

    Hi Grace! We don’t have any retail outlets other than our warehouse in Plant City, Florida, USA, but we do ship to the UK! Let me know if you have any other questions at all!

    On September 05, 2017

  • grace gilpin says...

    Hi, I am in the Uk, do you have any suppliers over here who do your running skirts, please? Many thanks

    On September 04, 2017

  • Jessica says...

    Hi Louise! They’re available now on our website. I’ll email you the link to make sure you receive it! :)

    On December 05, 2015

  • Louise says...

    How do I order a Jeff Galloway skirt? I have a Galloway group in Boise and I know many of them will want one!

    On December 04, 2015

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