The Power of Thinking Small

Not what you usually read.  Where would our world be without the large thinkers?  The innovators?  The risk-takers?

I agree.

But sometimes—if I may wax philosophical here—I think our world has made it difficult to appreciate those who think smaller.  We cannot all be Einsteins, Jobs or Malalas.  Even if we would LIKE to be gigantic heroes, sometimes we have to devote our lives to family or career (or both) and cannot sacrifice all that is required to become what our world considers heroes.

That can be said of the running and walking world, as well.  We all have our marathon heroes and other sports idols.  Some of us may have once wished that we could accomplish what they have.  However, that champion podium would be awfully crowded, and life would become terribly boring, if everyone made it to the top.

It might be better to focus on the little guys once in a while. What about that person who jogged up beside you during a tough race and gave you the exact words you needed to get to the finish line?  What about the training partner who inspired, cajoled, maybe even guilted you into getting up early for those extra miles and helped you reach your goal?  And let’s not forget the amazing stories of people who have supported fellow runners who are injured, ill or have suffered tragedy. Those stories can bring us to tears!  None of these people are giant heroes.  They haven’t fought in the battlefield, saved someone from a burning building or donated a kidney (although I am personally enamored with people like that).  They do one simple thing—the heroic thing—of taking the time to think of others.

Not a huge deal.  A pretty small deal, really.  But such little acts of kindness can mean more to someone who is struggling than any of us might ever know.  Those people may not need a kidney…they may not need rescuing…but they need encouragement, inspiration and love.  They need to know that someone is thinking about them.

It’s these stories of “small”, everyday heroes that keep me going.  There are some creative people who come up with novel ways to cheer and inspire a suffering comrade, and to me, those people deserve to be recognized.  

You know who you are.  I wish I could pat you on the back right now.  Consider this a virtual pat on the back!  Job well done!  Keep up the good work…and the next time I am in a race, waddling along, I hope it’s you that I end up running beside for a while.  We can encourage each other to think just big enough to celebrate running and to reach the finish line!

-Queen Mum of Sparkle


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