Sparkle Photo Shoot Pop Quiz

How many SparkleTeamMembers can you identify? How about the skirts they're wearing? Ready, set, go!

From left to right:
  1. Okay, we'll admit this one is a hard one because we've been forgetful in introducing new team members (but we're jumping on it next week). This is Alisa! She's our newest shipping team member, pictured here in PeacockEmerald.
  2. Next up is Jackie, our awesome shipping manager in SaluteBlue SlimCut.
  3. For all those lovely ladies who live for individual custom skirts, I hope you recognized the next beauty in this line up, DuchessKate! She's the one who handles all your unique pretties. Here she is pictured in PeacockMist. #allthepeacocks!
  4. Christina from our Lakeland-based sewing facility is up next in the lovely GardenParty SwingStyle with an official Run The Bluegrass logo custom embellishment (will be live on the website by next week!!).
  5. If you've received a skirt recently with a music hole or perhaps had a nip-tuck done to your skirt, this next lovely lady might very well have been behind it! This is Rebecca, our newest artist. She's pictured here in BlueRoyale HikerChic.
  6. The one, the only....QUEEN MUM! That's right, Leah's in the lineup in her Jeff Galloway shirt and matching JGWatermark embellished skirt.
  7. That tall drink of water at the end is none other than Adrienne, our warehouse manager who often helps in shipping too! She's pictured in HighlandFling Vented SlimCut!

So, which blue or green beauty would YOU pick for Run The Bluegrass? Leave your answer in the comments below! Happy weekend friends!

  • SparkleJess says...

    Hi Kathy! Glad you like the skirts! Unfortunately we will not be at that expo. Our complete expo schedule is here: :) Hope to see you at one of the upcoming ones!

    On March 15, 2016

  • Kathy says...

    Those skirts are sooo COOL!! Are you going to be at the Rite Aid Expo in Cleveland for the Rite Aid Half marathon in May?

    On March 13, 2016

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